The traditional craft of dry stone walling (known also as dykeing or dyking) has many uses in agricultural and garden settings. The beauty of local stone and the environmental benefits of building without mortar make it a natural choice in many situations. Paul Barrett is an experienced dyker who lives and works in Mid Argyll.

Paul has a deep understanding of the agricultural applications of dykeing. Work undertaken includes the repair and restoration of existing walls, and building of new boundaries and structures. Features such as stiles (wooden and stone), sheep creeps (or smoots) and gateposts can be incorporated as required. Now settled near Craobh Haven with his family, Paul is ideally located to reach much of the Oban, Lorn and Mid Argyll region

Garden features

The use of natural materials in gardens is becoming more popular and is an attractive way to add value to your property. Dry stone features are in keeping with new build projects as well as more traditional dwellings. Dykes can be used for boundaries, entrances and to divide larger gardens into distinct areas or garden rooms. Dry stone can also be used as a facing to add beauty to an existing feature such as a blockwork retaining wall. By using dry stone walling for a number of smaller features such as planters, steps, barbeque or seating areas and raised beds you can create a distictive style and bring an element of the surrounding countryside into your outdoor living spaces


Many of the original reasons for creating dry stone walls are becoming more relevant in our modern times. Well constructed walls or dykes can last indefinately with minimal maintenance required. Using local resources cuts down on cost and energy use, while creating a link with the surrounding environment. Dry stone structures provide an ideal home for plants and animals, lichens being just one example of the way in which nature will quickly make use of the newly created habitat.


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